Twist on the Caprese Salad


Fresh Melon and Parm Salad

There is nothing better in the summer than a caprese salad, it’s simple, no cooking required and delicious. A caprese salad includes fresh mozzarella or burrata cheese, vine-ripened tomatoes and a bit of aromatic basil.

However, I like these interesting twists on the caprese salad. Using your best olive oil, freshly ground pepper and sea salt, drizzle it over perfectly ripened melon, shavings of good parmesan cheese and fresh tarragon leaves. 

Feta and Roasted Red Pepper Salad



Another option is fired roasted red peppers with fresh, crumbly feta cheese and finely chopped chives.



Peach and Burrata Salad


And yet another option is freshly sliced juicy peaches, creamy burrata cheese and some fragrant basil.




Source: Food and Wine Magazine



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